Attraction and Conversion Strategies for your Business

Conversion Strategies
How to get more people to find your business?

Making the decision to open your own business involves a great effort, investment and planning that you see materialized until the opening day. It is common to think that, when you open the doors to the public, you will have customers constantly coming in to buy from you and that from the first days you will see good results in sales, but this may not happen.

Since you are defining the strategies to open the business, you should also contemplate the efforts that you could make so that they find you easily. The most important thing is to ensure the attraction of customers and make them genuinely consider using your products or services again in the future.

What should you take into account to attract your first customers?

It is important to spend some time researching the consumer trends of your target and potential audience; This way you will know the needs they have regarding your offer and how they like that product or service is provided to them.

We cannot forget that a client who has had a good experience with a business will surely recommend it and attract new consumers to it; For this reason, it is important to take care of every detail about how a person comes to know about your business and invest in a communication strategy that attracts the type of people you are looking for.

The best way to define what type of media are ideal for attracting new customers depends on the level of knowledge you have about their buying process. Understanding the way in which your potential consumers look for the products and services you offer will help you better plan the strategy so that they reach you.

Add your location online so they can find you easily

After the pandemic, consumer habits have been drastically modified and today it is very common to turn to the Internet to find the best supplier when it comes to finding a product or service.

The opinions and recommendations that other users have about a business have become vital in making our decisions, so here we recommend some options that can help people find your business online:

  • Use Google My Business . It is a high-value tool that allows you to create an online business profile to obtain a greater presence on the Internet through Google search engines and Google Maps. You can add photos and upload offers related to your company to maintain constant communication with your customers.
  • Use social networks to your advantage. It is said out there that, if your business is not in social networks, it does not exist. It is very common that recommendations and opinions are sought on social networks linked to a business and, to give it more visibility, you can add your location on the profile and attract that audience to give you a visit.
  • Get the most out of WhatsApp Business. Adding as much data as possible related to your business will make the search experience of your business much easier and will help you not miss potential sales opportunities that could come organically.
  • Provide better remote payment experiences. Remote payment leagues are a smart and easy way to give your customers remote payment options. For example, just by having an Oyster card you can make use of Oyster Link , which you can send to your clients by email, social networks or text message, so that they can pay you by card or cash from wherever they are.
  • Network and encourage them to leave you a recommendation. It is a great decision to spend time getting to know your customers and suppliers better, not only in the field of your business. Sharing experiences and knowledge can help you connect with people of value who help you grow. In addition, it will be easier to ask them to leave a good recommendation on your social networks to give your company more credibility.

There are different ways to network with intention and it is very worth acquiring this skill as a constant practice when doing business, since it will help a lot to increase the digital or face-to-face traffic of your business. But the actions do not stop there since, when you have more traffic, you must also be prepared not to affect your income.

Help your business with financial control tools

Once you carry out these actions and new customers begin to come to your business, the best option is to have financial tools that allow you to carry out an intelligent management of the income that you begin to receive.

If from the beginning you manage to establish categories of the types of expenses that you are having, make savings and investment plans and carry your billing in a more orderly way, you can even facilitate your accounting processes month after month; You can also spend more money over time on paid communication programs that extend your reach to more people.

At Oyster we want to help make all these procedures easier and more intuitive; For this reason, we help you to carry smart finances that allow you to identify leaks and spend more efficiently, to have better control over your funds and to give you all the information you need at the moment and online.

Take advantage of this information to put your business in line with the most appropriate strategy for your needs and start building customer loyalty who will make your project a great business. But not everything is only attracting new customers: the next step is to learn to set attraction and conversion goals that benefit your business.

How to set attraction and conversion goals for your business?

Setting goals when planning strategies is essential if we want to have a guide that takes us step by step to the place where we visualize ourselves as business owners; Failure to do so will make all our efforts and actions not focused on a specific objective and could mean a waste of resources by not obtaining tangible results.

Every business dreams of attracting potential customers that become recurring, where the shopping experience is so positive that it makes them lovers of the brand and that the conversion into sales is both incremental and palpable. This dream can come true with a definition of objectives that helps us get there quickly and efficiently.

Set business goals wisely

Goal setting is not something only new businesses should do; resuming and modifying them after seeing that certain strategies are not working as expected is essential to get our efforts back on track. The importance lies in clarity and there is a method that helps us to obtain it: the SMART method.

In reality, SMART is the initials of five characteristics that you must attribute to your objectives to make them realistic, measurable and achievable. Let's see what each one is about:

  • SPECIFIC (specific). This feature makes us wonder what do I want to achieve? But the answer should be as specific as possible. Define who this objective is aimed at, what needs to be done to achieve it and who can help you achieve it.
  • MEASURABLE (measurable). Determine which indicators can help you measure whether the goal is working. It is important to check its effectiveness in order to make improvement decisions on time.
  • ATTAINABLE (reachable). It is recommended to be realistic with the current business situation. For an objective to be achievable, you have to be able to identify how many resources you have, both human -including your level of experience- and technological, economic and tools that can facilitate the strategy.
  • RELEVANT (relevant). Check why this goal is important to your business and even to your customers. Once confirmed, it is recommended to investigate and analyze its feasibility so as not to waste effort.
  • TIMELY (time). Define a time limit to get results. You can establish if the objective will be short, medium or long term but the most important thing is to adjust to that time to drive the results to happen.

Giving all these characteristics to your objectives will help them go from "increasing sales" to "increasing orders of running food by 20% in a period of 4 months", thus knowing how close or far you are from achieving your goals as you progress time.

And how do I apply this to the attraction and conversion of my business?

SMART, as we saw, helps you clarify your objectives; now is the time to focus on the attraction and conversion of your consumers. Here are some ideas of the areas to which you can pay special attention:

  • ATTRACTION . This concept does not only refer to attracting people to your physical store or online business. You can ask yourself if maybe people need to get to know your brand first, go to your new website, or get new customers to find your business online. Choose a specific goal and create SMART goals to help you achieve it.
  • CAPTATION . This term is interesting because it is not necessarily focused on your customers buying, but on generating valuable information and experiences that make a person keep coming back to your business, website or even social networks. If you catch their attention, it will be easier for them to make a purchase soon. Now think about what SMART goals you can suggest to meet this goal.
  • CONVERSION . Make friends with the famous "CALL TO ACTION" or CTA's. Think about what kind of calls to action you can make and in what media or sites you can place them in order to guide your consumer to the place where they can make a purchase. These objectives especially need your supervision to measure their effectiveness and see which actions resonate the most with your client.
  • LOYALTY . The purchase of a product or service should not be the end of the relationship with your customer. It is very important that you give your consumers a comprehensive experience before, during and even after they have bought. These actions can be decisive for a person to return to buy your business and become faithful to your brand. So set SMART goals that focus on your customer's continued return.

A better shopping experience impacts your customers

Every opportunity to contact one of your clients helps to achieve this important stage of loyalty. Do not forget that, if you make life easier for your consumers, they will remember how easy it was to buy a product or service with you, both in a physical store and in your online business.

At Oyster we understand this importance and that is why we provide you with a comprehensive experience in your mobile account , such as adding your customers' data easily for future transfers, creating collection links to accept card, transfer or cash payments, notifying your providers when they receive a payment and, even, the one that you can add photos of your invoices to your transactions.

Take advantage of these types of tools that make managing your finances easier while you spend more time setting goals that will help your business grow, or focusing on creating new strategies to attract more customers to your business.

Strategic ideas to attract customers to your business

Today more than ever it has become relevant to turn our eyes to the Internet when it comes to doing business. Large and small brands around the world have turned their communication, attraction and customer loyalty efforts to their online channels. It is inevitable then to think that our new strategies must consider this aspect if we want to be successful in the established results.

What should my business consider before attracting customers?

El Financiero, according to the Salesforce State of Commerce study , mentions that the income obtained via the Internet "increased 55% during the third quarter of 2020 compared to the previous year." He also mentions that "71% of brands held virtual events on social networks, while 70% carried out chats or live broadcasts", which means that digital transformation is necessary for current businesses to attract customers. .

The data also tells us about an important aspect: not only do we have to pay attention to the attraction, since it is useless to attract hundreds of people to our store or online business if none of them buy. That is, our strategies have to be focused on learning how to attract customers and then on how to apply effective conversion actions.

Knowing your consumers and what your own business can offer them is vital to establish efficient strategies; Therefore, we share some ideas that can help you.

Business strategies to attract and convert

After learning how to set attraction and conversion goals for your business, it is time to carry out certain strategies that will help you achieve these goals in the stipulated time.

  • Know everything related to your business . It is not enough that you are an expert in your product or service: how well you dominate the industry in which you operate is the key to showing your client that they can trust you. This research can lead you to find out about unexpected uses that the same customer may be giving to the product or service and to offer a suitable solution to their needs.
  • Be clear who you are talking to and where it is . One of the advantages of the Internet, especially for online businesses, is that it allows us to specifically target a group of people with common characteristics. It is no longer customary to talk to everyone, it is always better to define specifically the type of person with whom we want to start a conversation. It is better to spend time analyzing the type of consumer we want (what they want, what they need, what they prefer) to get customers who convert, than to only have people who only turn to see us. If we know what they like to buy, where they do it and what types of messages they see, it will be easier to offer them our proposal in their natural environment and through the means that they themselves consume.
  • Give something back . We do not mean that you give away your product or service. There are many ways to give value to a customer who gives us his time, such as sharing useful information that he can consult at all times. Create blogs, host an online webinar, display relevant stats, or invite an influencer they consume to talk about you in exchange for testing your product or service.
  • Address complaints and claims . Honest feedback is gold for your business. Success lies in how fast and efficient you are in solving any problem. With complaints and claims you can identify which part of the process is failing and, in addition to solving it, you can take specific actions that allow you to retain a possible defector from your brand. The recommendation is to be grateful to the customers who leave their opinion and commit to an improvement action with them.
  • Write blog posts . Creating content that is of interest to your target audience not only positions you as an expert in the sector, but also encourages your website to appear organically in the first results of search engines. Writing regularly and consistently also allows you to take advantage of that content on your social networks, which can open up direct communication with your customers. If you answer the questions they have, you will also be providing a comprehensive experience in their purchase process with your business.
  • Give a gift. Again, it does not mean that you become Santa Claus and give your products or services left and right. Rather, set offers that involve some commitment from your customer but carry a gift incentive for their interest, such as a 2X1, a large discount or a product trial. Adding a limited time to take advantage of the gift adds a sense of urgency that can be beneficial to your business. Remember: a good experience generates loyalty.
  • Personalization is everything . Each of your clients has specific needs and looks for different solutions in your products or services. This means that your selling proposition can be anything but generic. The more personalized your sales pitch, the easier it will be to attract the right customer.

Be prepared for conversion

Now that you have ideas of many actions that you can carry out to attract new customers, you have to prepare yourself for the administration and management of the resources that will be entering with the conversions you generate.

Therefore, we invite you to learn more about Oyster and consider joining us when you think about having a business account, because in addition to not having commissions or fine print, we seek to empower your business with useful functionalities that will allow you to go further, easily. .

And it is that from the beginning we have been motivated by the idea of ​​being able to create a new financial system that supports all entrepreneurs in Mexico, because we know that the best support for your business is to give you the tools that allow you to grow while you dedicate yourself to what you are most passionate about: your business. Therefore, to close this article, we also share some strategies to boost conversion in your business.

Strategies to drive conversion in your business

Capturing the attention of a potential customer is already an achievement in itself; The important thing now will be to be able to implement strategies that allow you to provide the satisfaction you are looking for to take the most desired step, that is, to buy from your business.

The latest trends have shown us that conversion on the Internet has risen to never-before-seen figures; After all the time that we have been confined, very important efforts have been made by multinational companies as well as small and medium businesses to sell more online.

This invites us to focus a little more on online conversion and how some data can help us make better decisions when defining strategies to help us achieve our sales goals.

How to know that the conversion is effective?

The first recommendation is that you see the process of attraction and conversion as part of a whole. There are strategic ideas to attract customers to your business and, as we will see later, there are also ideas to convert, but despite being two different efforts, both are necessary to measure their effectiveness.

For example, your attraction goal could be 3,000 new people coming to your website this month, but it is considered a conversion until some of those people buy from your store, so "conversion" could be defined as the positive response. from a person to action who has asked you to do your business.

The ideal is to be able to measure both aspects - attraction and conversion - in order to evaluate each one and make improvement plans on time. So, the way in which effectiveness is measured is the conversion rate , which is calculated by dividing the number of conversions by the number of visitors your store or online business has.

If you had 150 purchases from those 3,000 new people who visited your site, then your conversion rate is only 5%. With this, we could deduce that we should focus more efforts on conversion than on attraction.

The relevance of conversion strategies

Creating effective conversion strategies is known as CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), this seeks that the largest number of customers who visit your business also convert, which gives you the best of both worlds, attracting traffic and a higher volume Of conversation.

Do not make the mistake of investing a lot in attraction and not enough in conversion; Ideally, double the conversion rate to cut in half what goes into attraction.

According to statistics from Status Bonsai , "the average conversion on a website is 2.35%"; on a mobile device “it is around 1.53%” and on Facebook “it is around 9.21%”, which tells us about the importance of investing in this type of strategy to achieve greater effectiveness in achieving our business goals.

Strategies to optimize conversion

Here we share some ideas that can help you be more effective in converting.

  • Test your site . User experience is everything when the goal is to close a sale. Knowing what types of messages, design and preferences -among other aspects- your users have, will help you to implement constant improvements on your site. The way to know these details is by doing A / B tests that will give you useful data about the true experience of your consumers.
  • Allow comments . The best thing for any business is to have an honest and trusting relationship with your customers. Also, a customer trusts more in a business where he can consult the experiences of other users. Receiving timely feedback will even allow you to carry out improvement actions that will positively impact your business.
  • Seek your customer's satisfaction . Pay attention to all the details that comprise the sales experience, from before you decide to buy, during the sales process and everything that happens after the sale. Follow up on the shopping experience of your customers to know their feedback, invite them to leave their recommendation on your social networks and focus on creating actions that generate trust.
  • It always invites action . The idea is that you always guide your consumer to take a specific action without making them feel like you want to sell them all the time. Usually, people like to feel that they are making the decisions, so actions in the first person are usually more effective, for example, "I want it."
  • Optimize the online experience . Work on the design of your website seeking to generate an experience that you would like to have when entering a site. It seeks that the loading times are not high, that it has a version to be seen from the cell phone, adds valuable content such as a blog and endows it with the best SEO practices to generate greater attraction; Also, make sure that the design looks professional (it is the image of your business) and that your contact information is always available.
  • Make your buying process simple . The more processes, filters, questions and steps you have so that your client can pay, the more cumbersome and unpleasant the experience will be. Look for the least number of steps possible, make sure the way to pay for your product or service is very clear and make sure the process is as intuitive as possible.

All attraction and conversion actions take a lot of effort, investment and dedication, but the results of a well-put together plan will always be worth it and will be reflected in the increase in your sales.

Remember that at Oyster we offer an ideal solution for any type of entrepreneur without hidden charges or unfair commissions, because we believe that the most important thing is to see you grow