The best online payment platforms 2021

Earning income is a must for any business, especially if you are just starting out. Therefore, when a profit path as strong as cash is obstructed by a situation that we cannot control - such as this pandemic - finding alternative monetization paths becomes a priority.

And while many growing businesses and companies have embraced digital sales from its inception, others have struggled to find a way to enter the online marketplace, leaving them stuck in their growth and committing their survival to medium term.

To make your transition to the digital world easier, it is best to hire an online payment platform (or payment gateway) since, with its services as intermediaries, payments made by your customers with debit cards or credit, and even deposits in convenience stores, so that you receive them without setbacks or scares.

Its operation is as follows: when your client adds elements of your online store to their shopping cart and decides to proceed to pay, the payment platform will throw up a form where the client must enter the data of their payment method (credit card or debit) to finalize the transaction.

The payment platform provides security to the customer as it recognizes the purchase as safe and knows that the store cannot obtain its bank details, while avoiding headaches for the business by taking away the responsibility of handling sensitive data while guaranteeing the security of the transaction.

If you want to hire a payment platform for your business, these are the best options on the market this 2021.


This platform not only allows you to accept payments on the Internet -thanks to its integration with Mercado Pago-, but it also gives you the option of creating an online store completely from scratch and to your liking; perfect for businesses that are starting in the world of online sales. Costs range from $ 249 MXN per month to $ 1,999 MXN per month.


It is a platform that, like Trendenube, allows you to create your online store, add your inventory and sell on the internet from a single place, in addition to obtaining an analysis of your sales (if you wish). Prices range from $ 29 USD per month to $ 299 USD per month.


This is one of the best known options, with the longest journey and that generates the most confidence in customers when completing a transaction. With PayPal, you can accept payments on your website, in the marketplace, in person, and even online without having an online store. Get in touch with their sales team to find out the prices and commissions they have for you.

Payment Market

Mercado Libre launched its own payment platform called Mercado Pago; With it, you will be able to charge online in your online store (you can add the Mercado Pago plugin to Tíanube, Shopify and others), as well as create payment links to send them to your customers through social networks and charge remotely. Check their website for transaction fees.

Oyster Link

Oyster has been characterized by offering entrepreneurs the tools they need to grow their business; For this reason, Oyster Link allows companies to create payment links and share them through social networks to get paid wherever they are. But that's not all: with Oyster Link , you can also create QR codes for your customers to scan and make the payment without the need for contact, either on delivery or in person. All this with one of the lowest commissions on the market.

Now that you know which are the best options on the market to make the digital leap that your business needs, check which one best suits the needs of your business and dare to sell online. At Oyster, we are confident that your sales will increase.